An explosion of concentrated colour

An explosion of concentrated colour

Alice Olivia sleeveless dress
€73 –

Jane Norman cream top
€39 –

Vero Moda long sleeve top
€30 –

Jonathan Simkhai pencil skirt
€1.075 –

Distressed jeans

Christian Louboutin high heel shoes
€715 –

TL 180 leather purse
€130 –

La Cerise Sur Le Chapeau trilby hat
€265 –

Wildfox sunglasses
€86 –

River Island blue flower headband
€19 –


12 Ways to Easily Eliminate Stress

antidoti contro lo stress


  1. Remind yourself how unimportant your worries are in the big scheme of things.
  2. Making lots of decisions can burn you out. Automate as many things as you can.
  3. Watching a video of a cute animal can reduce heart rate and blood pressure in under a minute.
  4. Ladies, drink coffee. Guys, don’t.
  5. Another key element of stress is where you focus your attention. Think about benign outcomes or concentrate on the positive.
  6. According to one study, the stress management technique that worked best was deliberately planning your day so that stress is minimized. The trick to not worrying about work stuff while at home is to make specific plans to address concerns before you leave the office.
  7. The difference between a fun challenge and stressful work is often just a feeling of control. The best way to reduce job stress is to get a clear idea of…

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